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Our architectural design is informed by our extensive experience in various countries. We react to our clients needs and form relationships through design meetings without preconceptions of what they need their space to do for them. Each client is unique  and it is through a true understanding of their needs that good design can be achieved. This process was developed by responding to client needs in cultures we were only beginning to understand, however we find it is equally applicable closer to home.


At HereThere Architecture we are not afraid to get stuck in. We are invested in the projects we take on and are happy to be involved in multiple facets of them. Our project management experience ranges between high end commercial properties in the UK to a school build in rural Gambia.


HereThere are big fans of architecture, however we also understand that dependent on aims of clients, architecture as a building alone may not be a solution. Here There has developed a number of social strategies which work along side built elements to have wider reaching effects on communities. These include the development of livelihoods, protection of vulnerable persons and community engagement.


Through a highly developed understanding of a spatial environment and population better solutions can be found. Our architectural training has enabled us to carry out insightful research of how populations and communities interact with their surroundings. This methodology has been applied across cultures and has proven to be successful despite anthropological differences.


Here There Architecture have the ability to work at multiple scales. We have a strong understanding of what it takes to create a good city as well as a good building. We offer design and consultancy services on urban, infrastructure and public space projects both in the UK and abroad.

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