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This project was initiated, designed and project managed by HereThere partners Nikki McFarland and Jordana Lyden Swift along with Ellie Howard from the Architecture Foundation. Mbollet-ba Early Years School began as a collaborative project between our team, Our Global School, (an education specialist charity no. 1168345) Students for OGS and Orkidstudio (architectural consultant). The mission was to create an environment in which a new tradition of creative learning could be piloted in Mbollet-ba, The Gambia.  


The construction consisted of stabilised earth blocks pressed on site, reinforced concrete foundations and frame structure with a SHS steel truss roof. The construction process was designed in order to minimise the use of mechanised equipment, hence the training workers received could be easily applied elsewhere post build. 

It also formed a platform to discuss cultural sensitivities and community dynamics, ensuring the project was tailored to the specific needs of the village. Click here to see  Students for OGS for full project information

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